Program Accreditation
Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET(

Mechanical Engineering is a broad discipline that embraces such diverse activities as the science and art of generation, conversion, transmission and utilization of thermal and mechanical energy.  It also includes the design and production of tools and machines and their products, the consideration of the fundamental characteristics of materials as applied to design, and the synthesis and analysis of mechanical, thermal and fluidic systems, as well as their individual components, including feedback and control.

The mechanical engineer contributes to contemporary technology in every industry and in every phase of research, design, development and production.  Because the training of a mechanical engineer (ME) is rather broad, the ME is in demand in practically every type of manufacturing, research and governmental organizations.  The ME may be employed in the electrical, chemical, petroleum, metal processing, paper, plastics or any other of a host of industries which require his/her services in connection with especially engineered production equipment, for plant engineering, or for administrative responsibilities. 

The curriculum of the Mechanical Engineering Program is designed to serve the needs ofKuwait and its surrounding area.  It is a balanced combination of the theoretical and practical aspects of Mechanical Engineering with enough flexibility to allow for interaction between the ever-developing sciences and technologies and with the changing needs of the region.  The program ensures a general background in Mechanical Engineering and the student may, through the choice of elective courses, follow a line of specialization in one of three areas: Thermo-Fluid Engineering, Mechanical Design, Engineering Materials and Manufacturing.

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