Program Accreditation
Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET(

Chemical Engineering deals with the technology of using chemical and physical processes to convert naturally-occurring raw materials into useful chemical products. By combining the art of industrial technology with modern concepts of science and engineering, it is possible to bring about the realization of processes developed in the laboratory for the production of industrial products and consumer goods. 

The program is designed to educate the students in the basic fundamentals of chemical engineering and train them in research and development. The curriculum contains a number of elective and specialized topics such as petroleum refining, petrochemicals, desalination, natural gas engineering, corrosion and polymerization. 

The program is supported by ten well-equipped laboratories in the areas of process measurement and control, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, pilot unit operations, petroleum refining, analytical chemistry, wastewater treatment, process simulation, environment engineering and research. These laboratories are designed to familiarize students with theoretical and practical aspects of chemical engineering fundamentals and introducing them to the atmosphere of chemical industrial operations.

The students upon graduation may find possibilities to continue their education toward higher degrees or to join industries and organizations such as petroleum refineries, oil production fields, petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, food industry, environmental organizations, etc.

Prof. M. R. Riazi

Chairman of Chemical Engineering

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