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Course Catalog
Course NumberCourse NameProgram
0600-099 Introduction to Engineering Programs Core Engineering
0600-102 Workshop Core Engineering
0600-104 Engineering Graphics Core Engineering
0600-200 Computer Programming for Engineers Core Engineering
0600-202 Statics Core Engineering
0600-203 Dynamics Core Engineering
0600-204 Strength of Materials Core Engineering
0600-205 Electrical Engineering Fundamentals Core Engineering
0600-208 Engineering Thermodynamics Core Engineering
0600-209 Engineering Economy Core Engineering
0600-303 Creativity in Engineering Design Core Engineering
0600-304 Engineering Probability and Statistics Core Engineering
0600-308 Numerical Methods in Engineering Core Engineering
0600-310 Engineering Ethics Core Engineering
0610-212 Advanced Mathematics for Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
0610-213 Linear Circuit Analysis Electrical Engineering
0610-230 Introduction to Semiconductor materials and Devices Electrical Engineering
0610-233 Electronics I Electrical Engineering
0610-234 Electronics Laboratory I Electrical Engineering
0610-297 Cornerstone Design Electrical Engineering
0610-312 Signals and Systems Electrical Engineering
0610-318 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Electrical Engineering
0610-320 Electromagnetic Field Theory Electrical Engineering
0610-333 Electronics II Electrical Engineering
0610-334 Electronics Laboratory II Electrical Engineering
0610-343 Energy Conversion I Electrical Engineering
0610-345 Energy Conversion Laboratory I Electrical Engineering
0610-350 Power System Analysis I Electrical Engineering
0610-370 Control Theory I Electrical Engineering
0610-374 Control Laboratory I Electrical Engineering
0610-381 Communication Theory Electrical Engineering
0610-384 Communication Laboratory Electrical Engineering
0610-399 Electrical Engineering Field Training Electrical Engineering
0610-410 Active Filter Design Electrical Engineering
0610-415 Instrumentation and Measurements Laboratory Electrical Engineering
0610-416 Instrumentation and Measurements Electrical Engineering
0610-417 Network Synthesis Electrical Engineering
0610-420 Antenna and Propagation Electrical Engineering
0610-421 Microwave Engineering Electrical Engineering
0610-422 Fiber Optics Electrical Engineering
0610-423 Computational Electromagnetics Electrical Engineering
0610-424 Microwave Lab Electrical Engineering
0610-425 Electromagnetic Compatibility Electrical Engineering
0610-426 Introduction to Remote Sensing Electrical Engineering
0610-428 Wireless Communication Networks Electrical Engineering
0610-430 Semiconductor devices Electrical Engineering
0610-432 Analog Integrated Circuits Electrical Engineering
0610-433 Digital Integrated Electronics Electrical Engineering
0610-434 Digital Integrated Electronics Laboratory Electrical Engineering
0610-436 VLSI Design Laboratory Electrical Engineering
0610-437 Introduction to VLSI design Electrical Engineering
0610-438 CAD for VLSI design Electrical Engineering
0610-439 Semiconductor and Solid State Optoelectronics Electrical Engineering
0610-443 Energy Conversion II Electrical Engineering
0610-444 Energy Conversion Laboratory II Electrical Engineering
0610-446 Introduction to Power Electronics Electrical Engineering
0610-452 Power System Analysis II Electrical Engineering
0610-454 Power System Analysis II Laboratory Electrical Engineering
0610-455 Computer Methods in Power System Analysis Electrical Engineering
0610-456 Power Apparatus and Systems Electrical Engineering
0610-458 Electric Power Distribution Engineering Electrical Engineering
0610-460 Communication Networks Electrical Engineering
0610-470 Digital Control Laboratory Electrical Engineering
0610-472 Control Theory II Electrical Engineering
0610-473 Digital Control Electrical Engineering
0610-475 Industrial Control Electrical Engineering
0610-476 Nonlinear Control Electrical Engineering
0610-477 Optimization Techniques Electrical Engineering
0610-478 Intelligent Control Electrical Engineering
0610-479 Adaptive Control Techniques Electrical Engineering
0610-482 Digital Communications Electrical Engineering
0610-485 Digital Signal Processing Electrical Engineering
0610-487 Radar Technology Electrical Engineering
0610-488 Digital Image Processing Electrical Engineering
0610-489 Artificial Neural Systems Electrical Engineering
0610-490 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering
0610-495 Senior Project Electrical Engineering
0612-201 Object-Oriented Paradigm Computer Engineering
0612-203 Discrete Structures Computer Engineering
0612-207 Data Structures Computer Engineering
0612-210 Computer Ethics and Professional Practice Computer Engineering
0612-221 Introduction to Software Engineering Computer Engineering
0612-262 Fundamentals of Digital Logic Computer Engineering
0612-264 Digital Logic Laboratory Computer Engineering
0612-300 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Computer Engineering
0612-320 Software Construction Computer Engineering
0612-321 Software Quality Assurance Computer Engineering
0612-322 Software Requirements Analysis Computer Engineering
0612-325 Human-Computer Interaction Computer Engineering
0612-333 Intelligent Systems Computer Engineering
0612-341 Database Systems I Computer Engineering
0612-356 Computer Networks I Computer Engineering
0612-363 Introduction to Embedded Systems Computer Engineering
0612-364 Embedded Systems Laboratory Computer Engineering
0612-368 Computer Organization Computer Engineering
0612-395 Computer Systems Engineering Computer Engineering
0612-399 Engineering Training Computer Engineering
0612-402 Introduction to Internet Technologies Computer Engineering
0612-404 Principles of Compiler Design Computer Engineering
0612-406 Simulation Systems Computer Engineering
0612-410 Formal Languages and Automata Theory Computer Engineering
0612-413 Distributed Computing Computer Engineering
0612-424 Value Engineering Applications Computer Engineering
0612-434 Robotics Computer Engineering
0612-435 Expert Systems Computer Engineering
0612-438 Computer Graphics Computer Engineering
0612-441 Database Systems II Computer Engineering
0612-442 Distributed Database Systems Computer Engineering
0612-443 Multimedia Systems and Applications Computer Engineering
0612-445 Operating System Principles Computer Engineering
0612-447 Implementation of Operating Systems Computer Engineering
0612-451 Wireless and Mobile Networking Computer Engineering
0612-453 Cryptography and Network Security Computer Engineering
0612-454 Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks Computer Engineering
0612-456 Computer Networks II Computer Engineering
0612-458 Network Programming Computer Engineering
0612-461 Design of Digital Systems Computer Engineering
0612-462 Computer Arithmetic Computer Engineering
0612-463 Real Time Systems Computer Engineering
0612-464 Testing of Digital Systems Computer Engineering
0612-465 Design Automation of Digital Systems Computer Engineering
0612-468 Computer Architecture Computer Engineering
0612-469 Computer Architecture Laboratory Computer Engineering
0612-471 Fault Tolerant Computing Computer Engineering
0612-472 Logic for Computer Engineers Computer Engineering
0612-474 ASIC Design Computer Engineering
0612-477 Hardware Description Language-Based Design Computer Engineering
0612-491 Undergraduate Research Computer Engineering
0612-493 Special Topics in Computer Engineering Computer Engineering
0612-495 Capstone Design Computer Engineering
0612-499 Advanced Topics in Computer Applications Computer Engineering
0620-201 Introduction to Design Civil Engineering
0620-236 Construction Surveying Civil Engineering
0620-252 Engineering Materials Civil Engineering
0620-271 Structural Analysis Civil Engineering
0620-310 Fluid Mechanics Civil Engineering
0620-311 Water Resources Civil Engineering
0620-312 Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-350 Soil Mechanics Civil Engineering
0620-366 Transportation Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-371 Structural Analysis Civil Engineering
0620-373 Reinforced Concrete I Civil Engineering
0620-395 Engineering Training Civil Engineering
0620-401 Coastal Engineering Fundamentals Civil Engineering
0620-403 Coastal Processes and Modeling Civil Engineering
0620-404 Advanced Strength of Material Civil Engineering
0620-409 Mechanisms of Sand Movement and Desertification Management Civil Engineering
0620-411 Water and Wastewater Treatment Civil Engineering
0620-412 Open Channel Hydraulics Civil Engineering
0620-413 Groundwater Hydraulics Civil Engineering
0620-414 Hydraulic Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-419 Environmental Pollution Control Civil Engineering
0620-425 Computer Applications in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-429 Groundwater Contamination Civil Engineering
0620-430 Legal, Professional, and Social Aspects of Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-434 Construction Estimation and Cost Control Civil Engineering
0620-435 Construction Engineering and Management Civil Engineering
0620-436 Construction Work Improvement Civil Engineering
0620-437 Concrete Construction and Technology Civil Engineering
0620-449 Civil Engineering Systems Civil Engineering
0620-451 Foundation Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-452 Earth and Earth Retaining Structures Civil Engineering
0620-455 Computer Applications in Geotechnical Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-461 Traffic Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-462 Traffic Control Systems Civil Engineering
0620-463 Highway Materials and Construction Civil Engineering
0620-464 Urban Transportation Planning Civil Engineering
0620-465 Pavement Design Civil Engineering
0620-471 Steel Design I Civil Engineering
0620-473 Reinforced Concrete II Civil Engineering
0620-474 Steel Design II Civil Engineering
0620-475 Pre-stressed Concrete Civil Engineering
0620-476 Computer Applications in Structural Engineering Civil Engineering
0620-478 Reinforced Masonry Civil Engineering
0620-481 Advanced Topics in Reinforced Concrete Design Civil Engineering
0620-490 Engineering Design (Capstone Design) Civil Engineering
0620-498 Building Systems for Environmental Control Civil Engineering
0630-241 Materials Science and Metallurgy Mechanical Engineering
0630-259 Introduction to Design Mechanical Engineering
0630-311 Theory of Machines Mechanical Engineering
0630-318 System Dynamics Mechanical Engineering
0630-319 Mechatronics Mechanical Engineering
0630-322 Engineering Thermodynamics II Mechanical Engineering
0630-325 Environmental Challenges in Managing Ozone Depleting Substances Mechanical Engineering
0630-331 Fluid Mechanics I Mechanical Engineering
0630-341 Materials Science and Metallurgy II Mechanical Engineering
0630-351 Mechanical Design I Mechanical Engineering
0630-353 Manufacturing Processes Mechanical Engineering
0630-361 Project Planning and Management Mechanical Engineering
0630-373 Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals Laboratory Mechanical Engineering
0630-403 Intermediate Dynamics Mechanical Engineering
0630-415 Mechanical Vibrations Mechanical Engineering
0630-416 Noise and Vibration Control Mechanical Engineering
0630-417 Control of Mechanical Systems Mechanical Engineering
0630-419 Special Topics in Mechanical Design Mechanical Engineering
0630-420 Energy Conversion and Utilization Mechanical Engineering
0630-421 Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering
0630-422 Internal Combustion Engines Mechanical Engineering
0630-423 Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Mechanical Engineering
0630-424 Air conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanical Engineering
0630-425 Industrial Refrigeration Mechanical Engineering
0630-426 Energy Conservation in Buildings Mechanical Engineering
0630-427 Solar Energy Mechanical Engineering
0630-428 Power Plant Engineering Mechanical Engineering
0630-429 Mechanical Aspects of Desalination Processes Mechanical Engineering
0630-431 Fluid Mechanics II Mechanical Engineering
0630-432 Combustion Measurements Mechanical Engineering
0630-433 Combustion Mechanical Engineering
0630-434 Fluid Dynamics Mechanical Engineering
0630-437 Aerodynamics Mechanical Engineering
0630-438 Jet and Propulsion Mechanical Engineering
0630-440 Modeling in Materials Processing Mechanical Engineering
0630-445 Mechanical Properties of Materials Mechanical Engineering
0630-446 Introduction to Composites Mechanical Engineering
0630-447 Corrosion Control of Engineering Materials Mechanical Engineering
0630-448 Advanced Strength of Materials Mechanical Engineering
0630-449 Non-Destructive Testing Mechanical Engineering
0630-450 Introduction to Robotics Mechanical Engineering
0630-451 Mechanical Design II Mechanical Engineering
0630-455 Computer-Aided Design Mechanical Engineering
0630-456 Computer Aided Manufacturing Mechanical Engineering
0630-458 Control Design for Mechanical Systems Mechanical Engineering
0630-459 Engineering Design Mechanical Engineering
0630-460 Experimental Stress Analysis Mechanical Engineering
0630-461 Planned Maintenance Mechanical Engineering
0630-463 Artificial Intelligence in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
0630-464 Machinery Condition Monitoring Mechanical Engineering
0630-465 Introduction to Simulation Mechanical Engineering
0630-466 Failure Analysis Mechanical Engineering
0630-467 Quality Control Mechanical Engineering
0630-468 Printing Technology Mechanical Engineering
0630-473 Thermal Science Lab. I Mechanical Engineering
0630-474 Dynamics of Machines and Mechanical Vibrations Lab. Mechanical Engineering
0630-475 Thermal Science Lab. II Mechanical Engineering
0630-476 Control of Mechanical Systems Lab. Mechanical Engineering
0630-481 Tribology and Lubrication Mechanical Engineering
0630-482 Thermal System Design Mechanical Engineering
0630-483 Biomechanics Mechanical Engineering
0630-484 Industrial Safety and Loss Prevention Mechanical Engineering
0630-485 Nuclear Power Systems Mechanical Engineering
0630-486 Heat Exchanger Design Mechanical Engineering
0630-487 Industrial Ventilation Mechanical Engineering
0630-488 Thermal Systems Design Mechanical Engineering
0630-489 Special Topics in Thermo-Fluid Engineering Mechanical Engineering
0630-495 Senior Project Mechanical Engineering
0640-211 Chemical Engineering Principles Chemical Engineering
0640-215 Physical Chemistry Chemical Engineering
0640-241 Fluid Mechanics Chemical Engineering
0640-242 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Chemical Engineering
0640-291 Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering Design Chemical Engineering
0640-302 Introduction to Chemical Processes Chemical Engineering
0640-304 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-314 Properties of Materials Chemical Engineering
0640-321 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Chemical Engineering
0640-324 Kinetics and Reactor Design (A) Chemical Engineering
0640-327 Corrosion Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-343 Heat Transfer Chemical Engineering
0640-344 Heat Transfer Laboratory Chemical Engineering
0640-345 Mass Transfer Chemical Engineering
0640-346 Transport Phenomena Chemical Engineering
0640-351 Process Dynamics and Control Chemical Engineering
0640-352 Process Dynamics and Control Laboratory Chemical Engineering
0640-353 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-391 Chemical Process Synthesis Chemical Engineering
0640-395 Engineering Training Chemical Engineering
0640-428 Kinetics and Reactor Design (B) Chemical Engineering
0640-437 Gas Chromatography for Chemical Engineers Chemical Engineering
0640-440 Mass Transfer Operations Chemical Engineering
0640-443 Mass Transfer Operations Laboratory Chemical Engineering
0640-444 Two Phase Flow Chemical Engineering
0640-449 Multi component Phase Separation Chemical Engineering
0640-452 System Analysis and Simulation Chemical Engineering
0640-457 Optimization Techniques Chemical Engineering
0640-461 Water Desalination Chemical Engineering
0640-462 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-463 Wastewater Treatment Chemical Engineering
0640-465 Air Pollution Chemical Engineering
0640-471 Gas Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-472 Petroleum Refining Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-473 Polymer Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-474 Petrochemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-475 Gas Sweetening Chemical Engineering
0640-478 Liquefied Natural Gas Chemical Engineering
0640-479 Rheology and Polymer Processing Chemical Engineering
0640-481 Operations Research Chemical Engineering
0640-482 Industrial Safety Chemical Engineering
0640-484 Topics in Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
0640-491 Plant Design Chemical Engineering
0640-493 Equipment Design Chemical Engineering
0640-495 Senior Project Chemical Engineering
0650-101 Petroleum Basics Petroleum Engineering
0650-210 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-221 Reservoir Rock Properties Petroleum Engineering
0650-241 Fluid Mechanics Petroleum Engineering
0650-251 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering Design Petroleum Engineering
0650-301 Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-312 Petroleum Industry Petroleum Engineering
0650-322 Reservoir Rock Laboratory Petroleum Engineering
0650-323 Phase Behavior of Reservoir Fluids Petroleum Engineering
0650-324 Reservoir Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-325 Fluid Flow in Porous Media Petroleum Engineering
0650-333 PVT Laboratory Petroleum Engineering
0650-341 Drilling Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-342 Mud and Cement Laboratory Petroleum Engineering
0650-351 Petroleum Geology Petroleum Engineering
0650-352 Subsurface Mapping Petroleum Engineering
0650-354 Well Logging Petroleum Engineering
0650-355 Well Logging Laboratory Petroleum Engineering
0650-411 Petroleum Production Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-424 Reservoir Engineering II Petroleum Engineering
0650-425 Natural Gas Reservoir Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-427 Secondary Recovery Petroleum Engineering
0650-431 Formation Evaluation Petroleum Engineering
0650-432 Well Testing Petroleum Engineering
0650-435 Production Equipment Design Petroleum Engineering
0650-437 Numerical Methods in Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-438 Advanced Well Completion Petroleum Engineering
0650-442 Industrial Safety for Oil Field Operations Petroleum Engineering
0650-443 Offshore Technology Petroleum Engineering
0650-445 Storage and Transportation of Crude Oil and Gas Petroleum Engineering
0650-447 Oil Field Corrosion and Corrosion Control Petroleum Engineering
0650-449 Petroleum Economics Petroleum Engineering
0650-450 Industrial Training Petroleum Engineering
0650-451 Reservoir Modeling Petroleum Engineering
0650-452 Thermodynamics and Phase Behavior of Petroleum Fluids Petroleum Engineering
0650-453 Fractured Reservoir Characterization Petroleum Engineering
0650-454 Transport Phenomena in Geo-systems Petroleum Engineering
0650-461 Rock Mechanics in the Oil Industry Petroleum Engineering
0650-463 Directional Drilling Petroleum Engineering
0650-464 Horizontal Well Technology Petroleum Engineering
0650-465 Drilling in Abnormal Pressure Zones Petroleum Engineering
0650-467 Advanced Well Control Operations Petroleum Engineering
0650-469 Practical Advances in Drilling Engineering Petroleum Engineering
0650-471 Natural Gas Sweetening and Dehydration Petroleum Engineering
0650-475 Well Stimulation Petroleum Engineering
0650-485 Introduction to Geostatistics Petroleum Engineering
0650-490 Capstone Design Course Petroleum Engineering
0650-495 Senior Project Petroleum Engineering
0650-496 Petroleum Engineering Design Petroleum Engineering
0660-221 Introduction to Industrial Engineering Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-312 Industrial Engineering Labs Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-321 Work Design and Measurement Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-325 Safety and Health for Engineers Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-351 Engineering Statistical Analysis Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-352 Production Cost Analysis Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-361 Operations Research I Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-372 Project Management and Control Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-381 Data and Decision Analysis Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-395 Industrial Engineering Internship Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-419 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-425 Human Factors Engineering Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-429 Ergonomics and Safety in Process Industry Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-434 Facilities Planning & Design Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-445 Manufacturing Systems Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-446 Computer Aided Manufacturing Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-451 Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-454 Production Planning and Inventory Control Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-456 Productivity Improvement Methods Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-457 Quality Control Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-458 Design of Experiments Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-459 Quality in Healthcare Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-461 Operations Research II Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-464 Optimizations Methods Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-470 Supply Chain and Logistics Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-471 Engineering Management Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-481 Systems Simulation Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-487 Expert Systems in Industrial Engineering Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-489 Special Topics in Management Systems Engineering Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-494 Industrial Engineering in Process and Service Systems Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
0660-496 Design in Industrial Engineering Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
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