Program Accreditation
Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET(
Strategic Plan (2013-2018)


All the activities in the college are guided by the following principles and core values which are deeply rooted in our Islamic and cultural heritage:

  • Excellence in teaching, research and service, to meet the needs of our students and the people of Kuwait.
  • Respect for all people and appreciation of diversity in our academic enterprise.
  • Civic responsibility, expressed as public involvement, individual responsibility, personal integrity and commitment to service.
  • Leadership, characterized by openness, fairness, and firmness.
  • Accountability and assessment at all levels in the college.


The mission and vision of the college are consistent with the principles and core values as well as the University mission statement. They have been developed with input from all constituencies (e.g., faculty, students, and employers).


The mission of theCollegeofEngineeringand Petroleum atKuwaitUniversityis:

  • To provide students with quality engineering education
  • To advance and disseminate knowledge
  • And to lead the society in enhancing its welfare.


The vision of the College is to become the leading College of engineering in theMiddle East, recognized for its outstanding education, research and outreach programs and for the quality, character and integrity of its graduates.

Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Goal KPIs
1. Be ranked among the top engineering colleges in the Middle East Rank of the College of Engineering and Petroleum
2. Excel in teaching a. Student faculty ratio
b. Graduation rate
c. Graduates employability rate
3. Produce impactful research a. Master Thesis rate
b. Graduate programs attainment Level
c. Faculty research productivity rate
d. Faculty research engagement rate
e. Research funding share
f. Citations per faculty rate
4. Be a key contributor to societal development a. Faculty community engagement rate
b. Effectiveness of community service
c. Effectiveness of societal development

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